Snowshoe hare hunting in Maine is extremely fun and fast paced, with non-stop action and a lot of laughs.  Without any down time spent in hunting stands or behind blinds it is a great way to introduce beginners to hunting. Hunters are consistantly working to get ahead of the beagles to gain a good shooting position, as they circle large snoshoe hare. When the snow gets deep, there is always an added challenge as snowshoes become part of the experience. A break will be taken in the middle of the day to enjoy a lunch cooked on an open fire.

  While I have beagles Trained to run snowshoe hare you are welcome to bring your own hounds. Maine's evergreen thickets are abundent with hare giving hunters a very high success rate when using hounds that are trained and skilled, as mine are. we killed about 350 snowshoe hare this past hunting season.... so bring lots of shells! Hare hunting is a great group sport, so bring your family and friends and enjoy what Maine has to offer.